Healthy Snacking—Workday Snacks

Resist the candy machine by eating these healthy treats

Spiced Pecans Recipe

Spiced Pecans Recipe

Stash these sweet, savory, crunchy and downright indulgent munchies in your desk drawer, briefcase or office fridge. To double the heart protection, take one of these snacks along on an afternoon stroll around your office building.

  • Nuts. Fill small zipper-lock bags with 1-ounce portions—24 almonds, 14 walnut halves, 18 cashews or 50 pistachios (in the shell).
  • Dried fruit. Bag up ¼-cup portions of raisins, dried apricots, dried cranberries, and even dried plums (the new name for prunes).
  • Single-serving fruit. Canned fruit in its own juice or light syrup is available in containers with pull-off lids. Don't forget to pack a plastic spoon!
  • Whole-grain, trans fat-free crackers. Store in a zipper-lock bag to keep them fresh. About four crackers make a healthy, good-size snack.
  • Fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, single-serving cans of Concord grape juice, string cheese or mozzarella sticks. Pack any of these into a lunch-size cooler bag, put your name on it and stash it in the office refrigerator.

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