Healthy side dishes to go with Chicken Veggie Wraps, Turkey Luncheon Salad, and Malibu Chicken Bundles

Chicken Veggie Wraps

Chicken Veggie Wraps

Page 54 in the December/January 2009 issue of Healthy Cooking features Chicken Veggie Wraps, which would go wonderfully with Orange Cucumber Tossed Salad. The salad is easy and has its own quick-to-fix orange juice based dressing.

Also on page 54, you'll find a recipe for the delicious and healthy Turkey Luncheon Salad. Pair this dish with Rosemary Biscuits. With only 4 ingredients and a ton of flavor, it's a perfect match with the salad.

Malibu Chicken Bundles are a fun and festive way to serve chicken tonight. Try them with Garlic Brussels Sprouts to round out your meal.