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Side dishes to complete your healthy meal

Easy Healthy Everyday August September 2009

Easy Healthy Everyday August September 2009

On page 51, we paired Lemony Herbed Rice with Scallop Kabobs, but the easy, tasty side dish is perfect with any seafood at all. It’s also a winner with light chicken or pork dishes.

Grilled broccoli? Yes! You’ll love the ease of this quick side that’s a summery delight. With lemon and Parmesan, Grilled Broccoli is very versatile and will complement just about any grilled main dish. It’s also great with lasagna or hearty casseroles.

Zucchini Corn Saute accompanies My Take On Mom's Meatloaf on page 55. Cumin gives this simple side a kick, and at only 104 calories per serving, it makes going back for seconds something you can feel good about.

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