Contest Winning Summer Sweets

Rainbow Gelatin Cubes Recipe

Rainbow Gelatin Cubes Recipe

Looking for something to sweeten up the summer? Look no further. Give one of these low-fat dessert recipes a try this season. And you can be sure they're good, because each one is a contest winner!

Fresh Raspberry Pie

Mouth-watering fresh raspberries star in this luscious pie. There's nothing to distract from the tangy berry flavor and gorgeous ruby color. A big slice is an excellent way to enjoy the taste of summer. —Patricia Staudt, Marble Rock, Iowa

Refreshing Lime Sherbet

One spoonful of the cool, fresh-tasting and delicious treat and you'll never eat store-bought lime sherbet again! It's terrific following a heavy meal, on a hot summer day or anytime your taste buds are bored. —Lorraine Searing, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Blackberry Cobbler

This tasty treat has helped my family stay healthy, lose weight and still be able to enjoy dessert! Other kinds of berries or even fresh peaches are just as delicious in this cobbler. —Leslie Browning, Lebanon, Kentucky

Rainbow Gelatin Cubes

These perky gelatin cubes are fun to serve and to eat! I vary the colors to match the occasion—pink and blue for a baby shower, school colors for a graduation party, etc. Kids of all ages snap them up. —Deanna Pietrowicz, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Five Star Brownies

There's a bit of my state's history behind these brownies' name and shape. In 1990, when I entered them at our state fair, Kansas was celebrating the 100th birthday of a famous native son…Dwight Eisenhower. In fact, that occasion was the theme of the fair. So I renamed my brownies, which had won the blue ribbon 4 straight years at our county fair, in honor of the rank he'd achieved as a general and cut them out with a star cookie cutter. They ended up winning me another blue ribbon! As a girl, I helped my dad do fieldwork. Now, my husband, our sons and I live on a small farm. —Pam Buerki Rogers, Victoria, Kansas