5 Healthy Cranberry Recipes

These ruby red gems help keep you healthy while adding flavor with their tart taste

5 Healthy Cranberry Recipes

5 Healthy Cranberry Recipes

Cranberries are in! Why? Because they're delicious and good for you! Low-calorie, fat- and cholesterol-free, these bright berries are also a good source of vitamin C and fiber. In addition, recent studies suggest they may lower LDL and raise HDL, aid in recovery from stroke, and even prevent cancer. Here, we've provided five recipes that will help you work this marvelous fruit into menus.

Citrus Cranberry Relish
This special Citrus Cranberry Relish is a wonderful side dish for turkey or ham. I especially appreciate it during the hectic holiday season because it can be made ahead of time and refrigerated until serving.
—Julie Wesson, Hainesville, Illinois

Orange Cranberry Chutney
After my mother reminisced about the chutney my grandmother used to make, I combined a few recipes I had and came up with this simple citrus version. We love Orange Cranberry Chutney served with turkey and pork.
—Charlotte Carlile, Daytona Beach, Florida

Cranberry Medley
I saw a chutney recipe that used sugar, oil and other flavors I didn't care for, so I made this Cranberry Medley combination with sugar substitute and eliminated the oil. Now it's a family favorite.
—Gloria Wiech, Frontenac, Minnesota

Cranberry Chicken
Tender baked chicken gets dressed for the holidays with a chunky spiced fruit sauce in this Cranberry Chicken recipe.
—Linda Rock, Stratford, Wisconsin

Apple Cranberry Delight
My husband and I went to a cranberry festival, and I came home with 5 pounds of the berries! Luckily they freeze well and taste great in this simple Apple Cranberry Delight that I use in place of fruit.
—Beverly Koester, Appleton, Wisconsin