Freshwater Fish Recipes

We've gone fishing! Find freshwater fish recipes for catfish, bluegill, perch, walleye and trout.

Lemon-Pepper Catfish

Lemon-Pepper Catfish

Catfish Recipes

Lemon-Pepper Catfish
Nothing beats a late supper of grilled Lemon-Pepper Catfish after a hard day's work. It's a favorite of our family during the summertime.
—Regina Rosenberry, Greencastle, Pennsylvania

Skillet Catfish
It only takes three ingredients to whip up this tasty Skillet Catfish dish! Combine salad dressing with relish for a quick tartar sauce if you're tight on time.
—Kim Hardison, Maitland, Florida

Zesty Baked Catfish
This Zesty Baked Catfish combines common pantry seasonings for a taste that's anything but basic.
—Karen Conklin, Supply, North Carolina

Bluegill Recipes

Moist Baked Fish
When my wife was temporarily laid up, I took over the cooking. I came up with this crunchy Moist Baked Fish recipe as an alternative to her mouthwatering fried fish. It's a keeper!
—Gary Sacho, De Pere, Wisconsin

Bluegill Parmesan
All the fisherman at your house will be pleased to turn over their catch for this tasty Bluegill Parmesan recipe. The seasoned crumb mixture produces a crispy coating for baked fillets that really stays on.
—Margaret Garbers, Van Horne, Iowa

Fried Bluegill Fillets
The secret to this Fried Bluegill Fillets recipe is double-dipping the fish fillets.
—Doug Wright, Maize, Kansas

Perch Recipes

Crispy Cajun Panfish
My mother was happiest with a fishing rod in her hands, and her method of frying her catch was always a hit. Whenever someone gives us fresh fish or if I buy some, I use this wonderful Crispy Cajun Panfish recipe.
—Gayle Cook, Minot, North Dakota

Southwestern Fried Perch
This is one of my favorite ways to prepare perch. Taco seasoning and cornmeal make the Southwestern Fried Perch coating zesty and unique.
—Jim Lord, Mancheseter, New Hampshire

Perch with Cucumber Relish
Give fish a healthy flavor lift with homemade relish. Tangy vinegar and tarragon lend zest to this tasty Perch with Cucumber Relish, and chopped cucumber and radishes add garden-fresh color.
—Mildred Sherrer, Fort Worth, Texas

Walleye Recipes

Cornmeal Crusted Walleye
These moist, tender Cornmeal Crusted Walleye fillets are a terrific option when you want a meal that's not too heavy. The corn and roasted pepper side dish goes perfectly with the walleye.
—Allen Plungis, Hartland, Michigan

Honey-Fried Walleye
We fish on most summer weekends, so we have lots of fresh fillets. Everyone who tries this crisp, golden Honey-Fried Walleye loves it. It's my husband's favorite, and I never have leftovers. Honey gives the coating a deliciously different twist.
—Sharon Collis, Colona, Illinois

Walleye Delight
I love fish and think grilling is one of the best ways to prepare it. The combination of lemon juice, basil and other seasonings is fantastic in Walleye Delight.
—Connie Reilly, Stanchfield, Minnesota

Trout Recipes

Vegetable Trout Bake
I love how easy this Vegetable Trout Bake is to prepare. If you don't care for trout, use salmon or chicken breasts. Instead of green beans and tomatoes, try eggplant and broccoli florets. Try your own variations and have fun.
—Elizabeth G. Yarnell, Denver, Colorado

Trout Meuniere
Tossed green salads are always a great way to complete a nice meal, and this Trout Meuniere recipe goes well with just about any main course for an elegant presentation.
—Nancy Kelley, Nashville, Tennessee

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