Heartfelt Thanksgiving Grace

"I wrote this grace some years ago to use for Thanksgiving," says Jeanne Eddinger of Holiday, Florida. "I change the date every year."

On this Thanksgiving 2001, let us take the time to find our way amongst the busy day to bow our heads and pray. To spare just a moment, just a thought, to light a little candle of friendship and love. To thank the Lord above for this our daily bread. For by His hand we all are fed, but much more He does bestow-a land where we are free to become all that we can be, where families may join without fear and thank Him one by one, each of us in our own way as we have done today. To keep in our hearts forever all those whom we love, the ones who have gone before and those who are yet to come. Bless us and keep us all, Amen.