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40s Grade School Prayer

"When I was in grade school, in the early 1940s, we learned this blessing and would recite it every day at lunch-time," writes Lillye Parker of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

4-Year-Old Prayer

"When my 4-year-old grandson, Seth, was spending the weekend with us, I asked if he wanted to say the blessing at lunchtime," shares Leona Hardin of Belzoni, Mississippi. "Here is what he said."

50s Naval Prayer

"In the 1950s, my husband learned this prayer while stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station," recalls Helen Christensen of Walnut Creek, California. "We always used it and now our grandchildren are enjoying it. Gracious Heavenly Father, We thank Thee for food; food for our bodies, food for our minds and food for our spirits. Help us appreciate these gifts and use them in Thy service."

50s Prayer Book

"I found this prayer in a book back in the 1950s. Although I've forgotten the title of the book, I've always remembered the prayer and still use it when asked to say grace," writes Leila Riggs of New Douglas, Illinois.

A Blessing At-The-Ready

"When asked to give a blessing, I use this grace," says Jean Montgomery of Peterborough, Ontario.

A Choice of Two

"My maternal grandparents had two table blessings they used—a short one for everyday meals and this longer prayer for special Sundays and holidays," says the Reverend Steve Schulte of Thunderbolt, Georgia.

A Christmas Blessing

"I wrote this grace one Christmas. I hope my family will continue to use it in years to come," shares Edith Sullivan of Byron, Georgia.

A Church Camp Prayer

"One year at a Junior Boys' Church Camp, a 9-year-old camper offered this prayer before the evening meal," says Sheila Free of Red Deer, Alberta.

A Family Tradition

"We always said this prayer as a family," recalls Johnnie Gail Hawkes of Monroe, North Carolina. "All our children are now grown with children of their own."

A Favorite

Ruth Buehler of Port Sanilac, Michigan, shares one of her favorite prayers.

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