Fall Meal Planner

Make weeknight dinners a snap with this easy-to-use menu planner — designed with busy families in mind!

Week 1


Roasted Turkey Breast Tenderloins & Vegetables

You don’t have to cook all eight of the tenderloins in this recipe, but the cooked turkey comes in handy for dinner Wednesday or for any other turkey creation you may have in mind.

Week 2


Chicken Portobello with Mashed Red Potatoes

Hearty, earthy portobellos are our first choice in the recipes for Monday and Thursday, but white button mushrooms will work, too. They're slightly cheaper, but not as robust.

Week 3


Ham & Sun-Dried Tomato Alfredo

Plan ahead. Chop your broccoli for Wednesday. Any extra carrot or onion? Dice today; sauté with broccoli for frittata.

Week 4


Ratatouille with Polenta

Here's a great way to introduce your family to polenta. Made from cornmeal, it's mild, and in this recipe, slightly crispy. Not feeling adventurous? The ratatouille is great over noodles, too.

Week 5


Broccoli Chicken Skillet

You'll have an extra 2-1/2 cups of julienned carrots and 1-1/4 cups raisins left over from the week's menu. They're perfect for afternoon snacking or packing into a lunchbox.

Week 6


Chicken & Kielbasa with Curried Rice

Cut all the chicken and chop the onion for tonight and Wednesday night's meals at once to save time later this week.


Chunky Chicken

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