Fabulous Staycations

If you're trying to cut costs, staying at home for vacation can be a great alternative. Schedule start and end dates, as if it were a normal vacation. Tune out from the rest of the world and relax for a while. Here are some tips for your next "staycation."

  1. F-U-N: Whether it's for a week or weekend, you're on vacation. Make sure to have fun! Don't bog yourself down with ordinary chores and errands.
  2. Unplug: Leave the e-mail and cell phone behind. Resist the urge to check-in with technology.
  3. Change your routine: Spice things up a bit and stray from your ordinary routine. Sleep in till noon, or stay up late.
  4. No chores: Kids will love this one. Take some time off from chores to have fun and get out of the house.
  5. Explore your backyard: Chances are, there are museums, restaurants, festivals, and parks you haven't visited in a while. Check your community calendar for times, dates and deals on entrance fees.
  6. Game night: Dust off your favorite board games and schedule game nights with friends. Have everyone bring a dish and make it an all-night event!
  7. Movie night: Instead of going to the movie and spending money on gas and overpriced tickets, stay in and rent your favorite flick. Make popcorn, grab a soda, and your set!
  8. Ask your kids for ideas: We're almost positive they'll have some creative and fun things to do. Hiking? Flying a kite? Tap into their creative minds and have a blast!