Creamy Potato Bake Rates with Judges!

Mashed potatoes never tasted so good! That’s what our taste-testers concluded when they sampled Joan McCulloch’s cheesy Duo Tater Bake. This family favorite was awarded the $500 Grand Prize in our recent “Potluck Pleasers” recipe contest.

Joan’s satisfying side dish had our judges asking for seconds. Flavored with cheese, sour cream and seasoned cream cheese, the delightful blend of sweet potatoes and russet or Yukon Gold potatoes almost melts in your mouth.

“I have made this potato bake only four times for family dinners, and everyone loved it,” she says from her home in Abbotsford, British Columbia. A widow, Joan has three grown sons and four grandchildren.

“I got the recipe from my sister in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who got it from our niece,” she notes. “I added the chopped green onions on top for both taste and presentation.”

Holiday Favorite

Joan has served the potatoes for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they’re perfect for any occasion.

“My family gets together with my sister and her family for holiday meals and for barbecues in the summer. My sister and I do most of the cooking,” Joan says.

In addition to her prize-winning recipe, Joan likes to prepare cabbage rolls, pasta salad, shish kabobs and pierogies for family dinners, showers and birthday celebrations.

“My Indonesian shish kabobs used to be everyone’s favorite, but now it’s the Duo Tater Bake,” she says.

Joan McCulloch

“I just love to cook and bake. When I was 17, I worked in a drugstore luncheonette. The cook there would not share her recipes with anyone, so when I was helper of the day, I’d memorize the recipes and write them in a notebook.

“Later, I scoured cookbooks and magazines like Taste of Home (my favorite) and watched cooking shows. I also collected recipes from friends and family.”

When Joan got her niece’s recipe for Duo Tater Bake, she didn’t know it would be worth its weight in (Yukon) gold!