Cupcakes Go To High School

Cupcakes Go To High School

No matter how young or how old, everyone can make an impact in their little corner of the world. So says Lily Bussel, 17, of Eugene, Oregon.

Knowing she wanted to help others, she combined her love of cupcakes with fund-raising, and VOILA!

Henry D. Sheldon High School now has its own Cupcake Club.

The idea of giving to others was instilled in Lily at an early age.

"When I was younger, I volunteered at a local soup kitchen," she recalls. "I remember seeing the men's and women's faces light up when I handed them a dinner tray. I received a great sense of satisfaction from that."

Like many other foodies, Lily noticed the increasing popularity of cupcakes and wondered how she could combine her love of baking with the cupcake craze and her desire to help people in her community. The idea for the Cupcake Club was born.

"I met with a vice principal at my high school and felt discouraged after learning about the numerous obstacles I would face in order to have the club approved, but I was determined," she says.

Cooks Who Care"The majority of students at my school are middle to upper class, and some are unaware of the situation of those less fortunate. Through the Cupcake Club, I hoped to raise awareness among teens about social problems. I also wanted to illustrate the importance of benefiting local charities."

Today, the year-old Cupcake Club has about 35 members who meet, bake and sell their sweet treats after school once a week. In its first six months, the club had raised $900 for local charities.

Lily Bussel sometimes uses recipes for Chocolate Cookie Cupcakes, Clementine Cupcakes, Maple Carrot Cupcakes and Peanut Butter Truffle Cupcakes from Taste of Home for her club's weekly bake sale.