Tip for a Specific Recipe

Heart-Shaped Dippers

Instead of simply serving cubes of pound cake with Caramel Fondue, make some heart-shaped dippers. Thaw a 10-3/4-ounce loaf of pound cake. Slice the cake, then cut with a 1-in. heart-shaped cookie…

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Ice Bucket Serving Suggestions

To play upon the Fire-and-Ice theme, place Tangy Cheese Bites in a clear, acrylic ice bucket and serve with ice tongs.

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Make Crepe Quiche Cups Quicker

To avoid some of the last-minute preparation of Crepe Quiche Cups, you can make and freeze the crepes in advance.
Prepare the crepes as directed and cool. Stack crepes between waxed paper or…

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Make the Mushrooms Ahead

Instead of assembling Spinach-Cheese Mushroom Caps as guests arrive, stuff them in the morning and place on a baking sheet. Cover with a damp paper towel; refrigerate until baking time.

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Making a Meringue for Baked Alaska

In a double boiler over simmering water, beat egg whites and cream of tartar with a portable mixer on low speed for 1 minute.

Continue beating on low speed until meringue reaches 160°,…

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Making Appetizer Stromboli

With a rolling pin, roll dough into a 15-in. x 12-in. rectangle on a lightly floured surface. Place ingredients lengthwise down one side of the dough.

Fold dough over filling and crimp to…

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Making Asparagus Roll-Ups

Remove the crusts from each slice of bread with a sharp knife. With a rolling pin, flatten each slice. Combine all filling ingredients.

Spread filling over bread. Place two asparagus spears…

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Making Cute Kitty Cookies

Cute Kitty Cookies have a solid center of vanilla dough encased in a chocolate dough. To make these two-toned cookies, shape the vanilla dough into an 8-in. roll. Roll out the chocolate dough…

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Making Easter Nest Torte

Cut a 29-in. x 5-in. strip of waxed paper. Fold strip lengthwise in half. Place on a large sheet of waxed paper on a work surface. Melt chocolate; spread evenly along one long edge of waxed paper…

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Making Herbed Bread Twists

Roll dough in to a 12-in. square. Spread butter mixture to within 1/2 in. of edges. Top with cheese. Fold dough into thirds.

Cut dough widthwise into 24 strips.

Twist each strip twice;…

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