Add Warm Ingredients to Mashed Potatoes

When I make mashed potatoes, I heat up the milk and butter before adding them. The potatoes stay hot this way. —Kimberly D., San Diego, California

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Baking Potatoes in Muffin Tin

When baking potatoes in the oven, I set them “end up” in a muffin tin. They can be removed from the oven all at once to check for doneness and easily dropped into a serving basket when ready. This…

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Basic Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving isn't complete without a bowl brimming with mashed potatoes. Here's a basic recipe that's simply delicious.

Peel and cube 6 medium russet potatoes (about 2 pounds). Place in a…

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Boil in a Bay Leaf

Shares Helen S. of Indianapolis, Indiana, “When I boil potatoes, I add a bay leaf and remove it when they’re done. Folks tell me how good they are.”

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Do You Know About Colcannon?

Colcannon - a combination of mashed potatoes and either cabbage or kale - is mostly associated with the harvest and its traditionally eaten in Ireland on Halloween.

Symbols of good fortune (a…

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Extra-Crispy French Fries

Many restaurants and fast-food chains cook their fries in two steps for extra crispness: Cut the potatoes into strips about 3/8 inch wide. Heat cooking oil to 375° and fry potatoes in small…

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Freezing Potatoes for Hash Browns

To freeze potatoes for hash browns, shred potatoes; hold in a bowl of cold water until all potatoes are shredded. Drain and blanch in boiling water about 3 minutes. Drain, rinse in cold water,…

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Hint for Boiling Potatoes

When boiling potatoes, drop a pea-size dab of margarine or butter into the water as it comes to a boil. It stops the foam that would otherwise boil over and make a mess. —Irene N., Tustin,…

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Jazz Up Mashed Potatoes

Add minced fresh chives, mayonnaise, garlic powder, pepper and bacon bits to your mashed potatoes for a special treat.

Add sliced green onions, blanched fresh corn, butter, pepper, salt and…

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Making Fried Potatoes

Comments Dorothy T. of Fort Meade, Florida, “My husband loves fried potatoes. For years, I’ve poured a little lemon juice on them before frying. They stay nice and white and have a lively taste we…

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