Picnic Cleanup

Don’t forget to provide plenty of places to dispose of garbage…away from the food area.

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Picnic Cooler

An ice chest or cooler should contain about 25 percent ice or freezer packs and 75 percent food. Prechilling helps, too. Just fill the cooler with ice or ice water and let stand, then drain and…

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Properly Packing a Cooler

Coolers serve as portable refrigerators when going on picnics. These tips will help your coolers—and the items inside—stay well-chilled for the duration of your outing.


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Room-Temperature Food

Pack food close to the time you plan to leave, and put in perishables right from the refrigerator. Do not use the cooler to chill room-temperature foods.

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Salad in a Snap

Transporting marinated or creamy salads is a snap when you pack them in large resealable plastic bags. Just pour the salad into a bowl once you reach your destination. The bags don’t take up much…

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Theme Picnic

WHEN Paula Marchesi of Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania prepares her Pretty Picnic Salad, you can bet she’s planning on dining out! “Going on a picnic is serene, delicious and unpredictable, whether…

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Thermos Hot Dogs

Before heading out for a weekend picnic, I place hot dogs in a thermos and cover them with boiling water. When it’s time to eat, the hot dogs are piping hot. Don’t forget the buns! —Sandra…

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Transporting Cold Foods

To keep foods cold, even frozen, while transporting them, I wrap the container securely in bubble wrap. This eliminates ice melting and hauling a cooler. —Cathy A., Mt. Carroll, Illinois

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Warm Weather Rules

To prevent growth of harmful bacteria, do not leave food out on tables in hot weather (90° and up) for more than an hour. Set the foods out on smaller serving dishes and replenish them as…

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