Lively Leftovers

Tasty Twist for Twice-Baked Potatoes

“For really memorable twice-baked potatoes, I mix in a little pickle juice from a jar of sweet hot pickles,” explains Charles T. of Bowling Green, Ohio.

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Terrific Turkey

“I put leftover turkey in a slow cooker and add some minced garlic, barbecue sauce and a dash of hot sauce,” writes Stacy Anderson of Twin Falls, Idaho. “When it’s heated through, I serve the meat…

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Terrific Turkey Soup

“When I smoked a turkey one Thanksgiving, I didn’t want to waste a thing,” writes Charlene Powell of Wichita, Kansas. “So I boiled the carcass, strained the broth and picked out the good pieces of…

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

"I add cooked broccoli. turkey bacon and some fat-free ranch dressing to cooled mashed potatoes leftover from Thanksgiving. For a finishing touch, I sprinkle on low-fat shredded cheddar cheese…

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The Right Stuff

Instead of stuffing, I put drained sauerkraut inside a chicken before roasting it. —Marge H. of Corte Madera, California

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Time-Easing Taco Bake

Whenever we have tacos for supper, I usually end up with a dab of all the fillings. To use them up the next day, I make this main dish my family loves. I press two tubes of refrigerated crescent…

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Time-Easing Taco Chili

When I have leftover fixings from tacos, I use them as a starter for spicy chili. In a pot, I combine the seasoned meat, salsa, refried beans, and chopped onions and tomatoes. I add a can of chili…

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Tomato Pasta Bake

When I have leftover elbow macaroni or any other cooked pasta, I put it in a greased baking dish, season it with oregano, salt and pepper, and top it with chopped fresh tomatoes and shredded…

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Tortilla Tips

Have an opened package of tortillas in the refrigerator? Here are some sweet and savory ways to use them up in a jiffy:

Tortilla Turnaround

“I cut leftover tortillas into wedges or strips, then fry them on both sides in a lightly oiled skillet until golden,” conveys Judith L. of Littleton, Massachusetts. “Then I sprinkle them with…

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