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Ice Cream

Chocolate Milk Ice Cream

Here’s a tip for chocolate lovers. Substitute chocolate milk for plain milk when you’re making homemade ice cream. It’s a fun substitution that has endless possibilities! —Jackie W., Laotto,…

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Creative Ice Cream Cones

If you're having an ice cream bar at your event, offer an assortment of decorated ice cream cones. Start by purchasing a variety of waffle, cake and sugar cones. Place toppings in separate small…

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Fun Ice Cream Idea

For a fun dessert sure to impress guests, I roll individually frozen balls of ice cream in fun toppings like chopped nuts, toasted coconut or chopped candy bars. Then I freeze the balls until firm…

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Great Topper for Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream gets a boost when Cathy W. of Broken Bow, Nebraska tops it with crushed chocolate mint cookies. “It’s a refreshing dessert my whole family enjoys,” Cathy conveys.

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Homemade Peppermint Ice Cream

When peppermint stick ice cream isn't available, I crush 15-20 hard peppermint candies or small candy canes and fold into a half gallon of softened vanilla ice cream. —Barb Gribble, Arena,…

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Lighter Homemade Ice Cream

To lighten up my favorite homemade ice cream recipes, I substitute half-and-half cream or skim milk for the full-fat versions. —Jennifer Pleake, Omaha, Nebraska

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Sandwich Your Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream sandwiches are an easy treat to make. Place 1/2 cup of any flavor ice cream on the flat side of a 3-in. cookie of your choice. Place another cookie, bottom side down, on top of…

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Save Crumbs for Topping Ice Cream

“Don’t discard cookie or cereal crumbs,” advises Marie R. of Bensenville, Illinois. “Use them to top pudding, gelatin and ice cream.”

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Sundaes Best

When you're short on time, you can easily add some frosty fun to dinnertime by serving up a variety of toppings and sauces and letting family members concoct their own scrumptious sundaes. Or…

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