Using a Steel

Rest the tip of the steel on the work surface. Hold your knife at a 20° angle at the steel. Start with the heel of the blade against the steel and draw the blade up across the steel until…

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Using an Herb Rub

Crush any large herbs. Combine all herbs. Sprinkle mixture over entire roast and rub into the surface of the meat. Roast as directed.

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Using Foil When Making Bars

Bake bars in a foil-lined pan - greasing it according to the recipe's directions. Use the foil to lift bars out of the pan after they've cooled. Then trim the edges and use a ruler to score the…

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Using Measuring Spoons

For dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, or spices, heap the ingredient into the spoon over a canister or waxed paper. With a metal spatula or flat side of a knife, level with the rim of the…

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Washing Berries

To wash berries, place berries a few at a time in a colander in the sink. Gently spray with sink sprayer. Then spread out on paper towels to pat dry.

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Water Goblet Napkin Bouquet

Bring a burst of color to your table by taking two napkins in different colors and making this napkin bouquet.

Layer one napkin on top of the other so that each corner is offset a…

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Ways to Start Charcoal Grills

Pyramid Style
Arrange briquettes in a pyramid in the grill, Pour lighter fuild over briquettes. Recap the fluid and place away from grill. Light briquettes.


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Whisking Vinegar and Oil Dressing

Combine all ingredients except oil in a small bowl. Slowly add oil while mixing vigorously with a wire whisk.

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White Christmas Table

To tie into the cool colors of the eye-catching desserts, set a pretty table using white, off-white and silver items.

First lay down a light-colored tablecloth. Choose clear glass, white or…

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white sands centerpiece

First, fish around your cupboards for clear vases in varying sizes and shapes. Then place some sand inside. There are many kinds of sand available, including beach, playground and…

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