Christmas Cracker Napkin Fold

Simply fold a square napkin in half, then roll up. (If you like, tuck a few pieces of candy inside.) Tie each end of the roll with ribbons.

Place card: Place a pinecone on the plate at each…

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christmas kissing ball

Insert three lengths of craft wire into the top center of the moss or styrofoam ball, extending it out of the bottom by about an inch.

At the bottom, individually bend each wire end to make…

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cinnamon dough

This easy-to-work-with dough is sure to become a favorite recipe. Try as simple cinnamon rolls or follow the bonus version.

Twisted Cinnamon Rings: Cut roll in half lengthwise.


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Cinnamon Stick Stirrers

When it’s time for a coffee break, stir things up...deliciously. Replace spoons with hand-dipped cinnamon sticks that serve as flavorful stirrers.

Dip each cinnamon stick in melted…

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Citrus Loop Garnish

Cut a lime into thin slices and then cut each slice in half. With a pairing knife, carefully cut between the peel and the fruit, cutting about two-thirds around the inside of the peel.


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Classy Frosted Hurricane vase

Turn the hurricane vase upside down on a protected surface. Slip one leg of the patterned tights over the vase. Tie the end of the leg into a knot to secure. Tuck the other leg inside the…

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Cleaning a Grill

Clean the food grate with a stiff wire brush after cooking.

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Cleaning Leeks

Leeks often contain sand between their many layers. Cut the leeks lengthwise in half. Rinse under cold running water, gently separating the leaves to allow the water to flush out any trapped sand…

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Clever Cupcake Carrier

Unlike traditional cupcakes, Patriotic Cupcake Cones are top-heavy, making it a bit challenging to transport them to picnics. But you can create your own convenient carriers.


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Clever Way to Color a Vase

Turn the vase upside down; slip one leg of a pair of patterned tights over a vase. Tie the end of the leg in a knot. Tuck the remaining leg inside the vase. Spreay with frosted glass finish; let…

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