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Reheating Coffee Cakes

If you make a coffee cake in advance but want fresh-from-the-oven flavor when you serve it to guests, try this trick. Wrap an unfrosted coffee cake in foil. Reheat at 350° for a few minutes…

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Reindeer Food Party Favor

For how-to text see HCA_2008, p.23.

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Removing a Cake from a Pan

Here's a trick that will make it easy to remove a cake from a baking pan. Before adding the batter, grease the pan. Line the bottom only with parchment paper, trimming the paper as needed to fit;…

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Removing an Avocado Pit

Wash avocado. Cut in half lengthwise, cutting around the seed. Twist halves in opposite directions to separate.

Slip a tablespoon under the seed to loosen it from the fruit.

To remove…

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Removing Biscuits from the Pan

Place a large serving platter over the muffin pan.

With hot pads, grasp both the tray and the muffin pan and carefully over.

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Removing Cookies from a Baking Sheet

If cookies seem to crumble when you remove them from the baking sheet, let them cool for 1 to 2 minutes first.

But be aware that if cookies cool too long, they become hard and can break when…

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Removing Core from Cabbage

Cut cabbage in half or quarters. Make a V-shaped cut around core and remove.

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Removing Skin from a Fillet

Use a sharp flexible knife to remove the skin from a fillet. Position the fillet with the tail end closest to you. Starting at the tail end of the fillet, make a small 45° angle cut in the meat…

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Removing Skins from Hazelnuts

You can easily remove skins from shelled hazelnuts and then enrich their flavor by toasting. Spread the nuts in a single layer in a baking pan. Bake at 350° for 10 to 15 minutes or until the…

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Reprocessing Unsealed Jars

If lid does not seal within 24 hours, the product must either be stored in the refrigerator and used within several days or reprocessed. To reprocess:

Remove and discard the lid. The band…

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