Butterflying Shrimp

After the shrimp is deveined, cut the slit deeper into the shrimp but not all the way through, leaving shrimp attached at the bottom.

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Buying and Cooking Ground Beef

Ground beef is often labeled using the cut of meat that it is ground from, such as ground chuck or ground round. (Ground beef comes from a combination of beef cuts.) Ground beef can also be…

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Buying Bulgur

Look for bulgur in the cereal, rice or organic food aisle of your grocery store.

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Cabbage Leaf Napkin Rings

Why buy napkin rings to go with the "gourd-eous" centerpiece above when you can make your own natural variety? Start by folding a square dinner napkin in half to make a rectangle. Roll up tightly,…

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Cake from simple to Stunning

For a crumb-free finish, use an offset spatula to apply a very thin coat of frosting over the cake. Then pop it in the fridge for 20 minutes before covering with or piping on the remaining…

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Candy Cane Chalet

Squeeze a strip of icing along the long side of the base. Position another candy bar perpendicular to base; press firmly into place and prop with cans until icing is dry.

Pipe icing into the…

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Candy Gifts

Cut a Fruit Roll-Up into thin strips. Place two strips widthwise around desired amount of Starburst candies; press together at base to attach.

Form two Fruit Roll-Up strips into a bow; press…

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Candy is Dandy Table Decoration

Buy a few inexpensive tall glass jars at a craft

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candy-coated waffle cones

Pipe canned white frosting around the top edge of the cone; sprinkle with colored sugar, chocolate sprinkles, colored jimmies or nonpareils. Place the cones on a wire rack until frosting is set.…

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Caramelize Onions

1. Slice Slice root of top of onion; cut in half. Peel and slice. Use a large, heavy skillet so the onions are not crowded. Heat oil in the pan over medium heat; add the onions and stir yo…

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