Popcorn Witch

With hands dipped in cold water, shape 2 cups of popcorn into a 6-inch heart about 1/2 inch thick on a covered board. For toes, insert 10 pieces of candy corn around rounded edges of heart.

Firmly shape 5 cups of popcorn into a 6- x 3-inch cylinder. Center over feet.

For arms, firmly cover half of each pretzel stick with 1/2 cup of popcorn. Insert uncovered ends of pretzel sticks into body.

For dress, center the 15-12-inch cellophane piece over body. Gather at waist and tie with the 24-inch piece of red licorice.

Firmly shape 2 cups of popcorn into a 3-1/2-inch ball. Add a few more pieces to form a pointed chin. Attach head by carefully inserting skewer through top of head into body and base. If there is any popcorn remaining, shape into 1-1/2-inch balls; cover with plastic wrap and set aside.

For hair, cut black licorice into 1/8-inch strips to within 1/2 inch of one end. Attach to head with toothpicks.

With a sharp serrated knife, carefully cut sugar cone 3 inches from pointed end. Cover 3-inch pointed end of cone with the cellophane square. Tie the 12-inch piece of red licorice around done bottom to secure; place hat on head.

With frosting, attach M&M's for eyes and the remaining piece of candy corn for nose.

Spread frosting on 1-1/2 inches of one end of pretzel rod. Attach potato skins.

Lean broom against witch. Sprinkle crumbs on covered board for dirt. Arrange reserved popcorn balls around witch.

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