General Food Tips

Ways to Use Sorghum

Sorghum is a dark, sugary and pungent syrup made by boiling the sweet juice from the stalks of the sorghum plant. It is often substituted in equal amounts for molasses in baked goods or used as a…

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What Are Kalamata Olives?

Kalamata olives are purple-black, almond-shaped olives native to Greece. They're usually packed in either olive oil or vinegar, giving them a stronger flavor than most other olives. Kalamata…

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Wonderful Whisk Uses

I use a small wire whisk to quickly mix up a dip for chips or vegetables. Also, I also use my whisk to mix dry cake ingredients instead of sifting. —Effie P., Missouri Valley, Iowa

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Worcestershire Sauce

A commercially produced thin, dark brown sauce used to season meats, gravies, sauces, salad dressing, or to use as a condiment. It’s generally made of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onions, tamarind,…

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