Slow Cooker Tips

Choose the correct size slow cooker for your recipe. A slow cooker should be from half to two-thirds full.

Unless the recipe instructs you to stir in or add ingredients, refrain from lifting the lid while the slow cooker is cooking. Every time you lift the lid, steam is lost and you add 15 to 30 minutes of cooking time.

Be sure the lid is sealed properly-not tilted or askew. The steam creates a seal.

Remove food from the slow cooker within 1 hour after it's finished cooking. Promptly refrigerate leftovers.

Pasta, if added to a slow cooker when dry, tends to become very sticky. It's better to cook it according to package directions and stir it into the slow cooker just before serving.

Choose the proper size slow cooker for the amount of food you are making. For example, to serve a small amount of dip, smaller slow cookers are ideal. To entertain or cook for a crowd, larger slow cookers work best.