Family Traditions

Holiday Family Traditions

My passion for making gifts of food at the holidays is shared by my daughter. (Homemade fudge is one of our specialties!) It all began when she was a teen and I enlisted her to knead 22 batches of…

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July 4th Traditions

JULY FOURTH was truly kids' day in the little Arkansas town where I reared my children. We bought small flags and yards of crepe-paper streamers to decorate wagons, tricycles, bicycles-anything…

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New Year’s Eve Traditions

WHEN my husband's Polish-Austrian parents immigrated to the United States, they brought along a wonderful New Year's Eve custom. Before the stroke of midnight, a coin is placed on every window…

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Successful Game Night Strategy

Turn off the television...unplug the phone...ignore the "to do" list. Instead, focus on your family by planning a night filled with a winning combination of fun, food, and games. (Kids have a…

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Summer Vacation Family Traditions

Every summer we head to North Carolina's Outer Banks for a week-long vacation with my husband's family. To prevent chaos in the kitchen of our rented beach house, we've developed a schedule where…

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Thanksgiving Traditions

INSTEAD of simply saying grace at our Thanksgiving dinner, each person around the table takes a turn to state what they're thankful for. Even the little ones pipe in and express their appreciation…

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