Holiday Buffets

We feed a lot of people at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, so my sisters and I always set up a big buffet on the kitchen counter. We put each side dish in a slow cooker (mashed potatoes,…

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Holiday Luminaries

As you and your neighbors make the rounds from house to house, light the way with these festive luminaries. They can be made well in advance. Simply light them just before your guests…

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Homemade Napkin Rings

To dress up my table, I make pretty napkin rings that cost next to nothing. First, I watch for clearance sales on festive craft ribbon. I also save the cardboard tubes from gift wrap and paper…

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Hosting a Fondue Party

The best part about hosting a fondue party is that you do the prep work in advance, then guests do their own cooking! Here are some helpful hints to make your fondue party go off without a…

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Keeping Dips Warm

Warm dips can be prepared ahead and then heated in a slow cooker instead of the oven. A slow cooker will also keep your dip warm during a party.

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Making Sit-Down Dinners Special

THE HOLIDAYS are a perfect time to add a little elegance to the table. Instead of a casual family-style supper, where food is passed from one person to another, host a formal sit-down dinner,…

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Making Tortilla Pinwheels

Spread one side of each tortilla with the filling mixture. Roll up tightly and wrap each roll in plastic wrap. Refrigerate.

Slice each roll into 1-in. pieces and arrange on a tray.

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Marbled Easter Eggs

With a wire egg holder, spoon or fork, dip, the egg into the food coloring with vinegar and oil mixture, swirling in a circle.

When desired color is achieved, remove egg and let dry on paper…

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My Entertainment Journal

We frequently entertain family and friends, so I keep a record in a notebook of the date, who attended, which recipes I used and which were especially popular. With these notes, I don’t serve the…

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Orchestrate an Appetizer Party with Ease

Hosting an appetizer buffet with no set seating is easy on the host. But to make it more manageable for guests to mingle while munching, make note of these key tips:

Think about guests who…

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