A Bright Brunch Table

On a crisp and snowy Christmas morning, the bold color of red is stunning against a wintry white table. For a vibrant floral arrangement, purchase an assortment of red and white flowers (such as…

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Add Warmth to a Winter Table

CHASE AWAY the winter blues with these colorful ideas for warming up your dinner table.

Instead of white linens, use brightly colored cloth or paper napkins and tablecloths.

Add an…

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An Eye-Catching Buffet Table

Although a host of special appetizers may be the star of your party, using other items on your buffet table can add even more visual interest.
Rise to the Occasion. When all of the…

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Appetizer Stemware Servers

With the assortment of hors d'oeuvres at your appetizer buffet, guests will likely have their plates piled high! Instead of having them juggle already-full plates, use stemware to dish out…

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Avoid a Brunch Crunch

You don't have to crack under the pressure when hosting a breakfast or brunch. The key is selecting a good assortment of foods and getting a lot done the night before.

When selecting recipes…

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Bandana Napkins

For a casual outdoor gathering, fashion fun napkins from bandanas! Look for inexpensive, cotton bandanas in a variety of colors at discount department stores. Wash and, if needed, quickly touch up…

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Body-Parts Party Game

Have the guests at your Halloween party gather 'round for a fun game that focuses on feeling frightfully fun foods. Place the "body parts" listed here in separate, large resealable plastic bags,…

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Bunny Napkin Fold

To make these festive napkin folds, start with well-starched square napkins. Fold the bottom third of the napkin up and the top third down, making a rectangle.

Find the center along the top…

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Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Spruce up the place settings on your Christmas brunch table with napkins folded to resemble evergreen trees. This fold works best with a stiff square cloth napkin that holds a crease. Spray starch…

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Cold Punches

Chill all punch ingredients before mixing so that you don't have to dilute the punch with ice to get it cold. Or consider garnishing a cold punch with an ice ring (which lasts longer than ice…

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