Frozen Cookie Dough

If you make several kinds of cookies during the holidays for a cookie tray at a party or to give as gifts, here’s a tip that is sure to simplify your baking. I spend a couple weekends before the…

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Having Trouble With Butter in Cookies?

Butter melts faster than margarine, giving cookies more time to spread before they set up. For plump cookies, try placing dough on cooled baking sheets before baking; chill soft dough to keep…

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Making Softer Cookies

Measure flour carefully; too much may make cookies firm, dry and tough.

Avoid overmixing the dough and check for doneness at the minimum baking time, baking longer if needed.

Try a…

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Making Spritz

Using a cookie press takes practice and patience. If your first few attempts don’t work, scoop up the dough and try again. Use ungreased baking sheets and be certain to use only butter, not…

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Making Uniform Round Candies

I use a small ice cream scoop to form candy balls into uniform portions with a nice round shape. —Pamela B., South Berwick, Maine

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Packing Cookies for Shipping

Nothing warms the hearts of out-of-town relatives and friends like receiving a package from home. And when the parcel contains a pretty tin packed with home-baked cookies, their delight is…

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Place Card Cookies

You can use Ginger Leaf Cutouts to make edible place cards for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Bake and cool the cookies as directed.

Fill a pastry bag with your favorite white frosting. Using…

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Problem-Solving Pointers for Cookies

Cookies are Spreading too Much

Place the dough on a cool baking sheet.

Chill the dough before baking.

Next time, replace part of the butter in the recipe with…

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Quickly Shaping Cookies

Instead of scooping up cookie dough one teaspoonful at a time, pat dough into a rectangle on a baking sheet and freeze until almost solid. Slice the rectangle horizontally and vertically at even…

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Refrigerating or Freezing Cookie Dough

Most cookie doughs may be refrigerated or frozen, then baked later. When placed in airtight wrapping, unbaked cookie doughs can be refrigerated for a week or frozen for up to 3 months.


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