Holiday Popcorn Balls

Mold popcorn balls around the straight ends of candy canes. Wrap with plastic wrap, tie with ribbon and hang on your Christmas tree by their crooks. They are great gifts for drop-in guests …and…

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Hosting a Cookie and Candy Exchange

A NEIGHBORLY cookie and candy exchange saves you lots of time in the kitchen while giving you a chance to gather with family and friends. Hosting such an event is easier than you think with these…

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Making Food as Gifts

During the holidays, when budgets are tight, baking is a simple, heartfelt way to show you care. One Christmas, I gave my parents 12 homemade desserts, bringing them a new one each month. My…

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Organizing an Ornament Exchange

Whether you host the event for close friends, co-workers or acquaintances, an ornament exchange is one of the easiest parties to organize. All you need to do is purchase an ornament and make a…

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Prepare for Holiday Baking

During one day in early December, I mix all my holiday cookie dough, then pack it away in the refrigerator and freezer. Later, when I have time, I bake cookies throughout the month. I whip up…

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The Making of Gingerbread Men

Some say the history of gingerbread men began during the reign of England's Queen Elizabeth I, who gifted court visitors with decorated gingerbread likenesses of themselves.

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Tree Decorating Tips

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree adds to the magical memories of the holidays. So spruce up your evergreen like a pro with these helpful hints:

Instead of simply wrapping the lights…

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Ways to Reuse Christmas Cards

As you pack away the holiday decorations after the new year, it's tempting to simply toss all the Christmas cards you received into the recycling bin. Instead, read through those greeting cards…

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Wrap Up Cookies and Candies as Gifts

You don't have to spend a fortune or valuable time at the mall in search of perfect Christmas gifts. Quite often the most priceless treasures are your own homemade cookies and candies presented in…

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