Grating Cheese is in the Bag

When I shred a block of cheese, I place the base of my box grater inside a rolled-down gallon-size plastic bag. When I've finished grating the entire block, I just pull out the grater, unroll the…

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Nonstick Cheese Slicer

Sometimes my cheese slicer sticks when cutting through soft cheeses like Velveeta. To prevent this, I spritz the roller bar with a little bit of nonstick cooking spray. It works like a charm.…

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Parmesan Pointers

When a recipe calls for shredded Parmesan cheese, use the cheese found in bags in the grocery store dairy section. Shredded Parmesan is often used in salads or soups where the shreds make a pretty…

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Reduced-fat and fat-free cheese

Reduced-fat cheese products refer to products that contain at least 25% less fat than the original version. These products can be used in most recipes that are heated or melted. Fat-free cheese…

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Shred and Freeze Cheese

It’s usually cheaper to buy cheese in blocks than in shredded form. So I purchase large quantities of cheddar, Monterey Jack and mozzarella, then shred them myself in my food processor. I store…

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The History of Feta

FETA is a white, salty, semi-firm cheese. Traditionally it was made from sheep or goat's milk but is now also made with cow's milk. After feta is formed in a special mold, it's sliced into large…

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