Big Batch Baked Goods

We enjoy homemade baked goods for breakfast, but I don’t have time to bake each morning before school. So I devote 1 day a month to making large batches of cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, cream cheese…

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Blender Makes Smooth Pancake Batter

For perfect, lump-free pancakes or waffles with a minimum of mess, I mix all ingredients in my blender, then pour batter straight onto the waffle iron or griddle. —Ginger R., Boise, Idaho

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A thin pancake or crepe traditionally stuffed with a ricotta or cottage cheese filling, folded into a packet and pan-fried until lightly browned. A fruit topping often tops a blintz. Blintzes were…

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Freezing Crepes

Stack unfilled crepes between layers of waxed paper or white paper towel. Cool; place in an airtight container. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 days or freeze for 4 months. (Thaw frozen crepes overnight in…

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Importance of Breakfast

Consider breakfast an investment in your health. Not only does a nutrient-dense meal boost your vitamin and mineral intake, it can help you stay focused and energized all morning long. By fueling…

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Jump Start a Busy Morning

Ease rushed mornings by getting a head start on breakfast. For pancakes, combine the wet ingredients and refrigerate overnight. Combine the dry ingredients, cover and store on the counter.

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Keep Homemade Pancake Mix on Hand

I mix together all the dry ingredients for pancakes and store in mason jars in my pantry. When our kids want homemade pancakes, I simply combine one jar of the dry ingredients with the necessary…

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Oatmeal Remakes

Stir in some almond butter and raspberry jam for a homey taste.

Stir in canned pumpkin pie filling and granola for fall harvest flavor.

Top with coconut and dark chocolate chips for a…

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Pan-Sized Pancake

It’s time-consuming to fry a few pancakes, then try to keep them warm while the rest cook. Instead, I spread my batter in a lightly greased jelly roll pan and bake at 375° for 12 minutes or until…

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Pour Pancake Batter with Little Mess

I mix prepared pancake batter in a pitcher for a no-fuss method of making pancakes. There are no messy drips, and any extra batter can be refrigerated with the lid left on the pitcher. —Linda J.,…

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