Breads & Rolls

The Irish Soda Bread Story

This classic quick bread from Ireland is so named because it uses baking soda for leavening. Legend has it that the X is cut into the top of the bread before baking to ward off evil spirits.

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The Meaning of Matzah

IT’S SAID that when Moses led the Jews to freedom, they left so quickly they didn’t wait for their bread to rise. That’s why the crunchy, flat bread called Matzah is eaten during Passover. Matzo…

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Tip for Tender Dinner Rolls

To make golden brown rolls that are very soft and tender, use milk as the liquid, which adds tenderness to the dough and forms a soft crust. Brush the tops of the rolls with melted butter after…

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Using Food Processor to Knead Dough

You can save time when using a food processor to knead dough. Food processors all operate differently so be sure to check the manufacturer's directions for more information.

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