Breads & Rolls

Add Shine to Breads & Rolls

To get that pretty bakery-style “shine” on homemade bagels and soft pretzels, beat together one egg white and 1 tablespoon of water. Brush this mixture over the boiled bagels or raised pretzels…

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Adding Flour to Bread Dough

As you knead dough on a lightly floured surface, the dough will pick up a little more flour and should eventually feel smooth and satiny. If the dough is not sticking to your hands or the kneading…

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Avoid Dried Out Bread

It’s not unusual for breads made without shortening (such as French or Italian) to dry out after a day or two. If you won’t use a whole loaf in that time, seal a portion in a plastic bag and…

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Baking Better Corn Bread

Here are some hints for making the best corn bread:

Before using cornmeal, make sure it's fresh. It should have a slightly sweet smell. Rancid cornmeal will smell stale and musty.


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Baking Biscuits

For biscuits to bake properly, arrange your oven rack so that the baking sheet is in the center of the oven. Be sure to use a hot oven (425°-450°) and a baking time of 10-12 minutes for…

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Baking Quick Breads

For best results with quick breads, bake in a light aluminum pan rather than a darker nonstick pan. (If you use a glass pan, lower your oven temperature by 25°.) Position the oven rack so the top…

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Baking Yeast Breads at High Altitudes

High altitude (over 3,000 feet) affects bread baking because the lower air pressure allows the yeast to rise 25 to 50 percent faster, and the drier air makes the flour drier. If the dough…

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Better Bread

After greasing and flouring her bread pans, Andrea Cohen found that she didn’t like the taste the flour left on her sweet breads. “I now use sugar instead of the flour. I prefer granulated sugar…

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Better Rising Bread Machine Dough

I had problems with the dough in my bread machine rising properly. Then I figured out that the bread machine container was the cause. Because the container was cold when I added the warm water, it…

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Bread Machine Basics

Bread machines are a boon for busy bakers. For the best result, follow these tips.

Before beginning, carefully read your bread machine owner's manual.

All liquid ingredients (water,…

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