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Flattened Chicken

I have a recipe that calls for flattening chicken breasts to 1/4-inch thickness. After I'm done with them, they look like they have been through the shredder. What am I doing wrong? —S.F.,…

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Flour Facts

I have a lot of bread flour that I use in my bread machine. Can I use this flour when a recipe calls for all-purpose flour? If not, how long will bread flour last if I store it in the original bag…

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Foaming Soup

I enjoy preparing split pea soup, but I've noticed that when the water comes to a boil, a foam forms over the water surface. I skim the foam off, but why does that happen? —L.B., Brevard,…

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Foiled Fudge

Some fudge recipes recommend using a foil-lined pan. If you spray the pan, is foil really necessary? —C.D., Shelby, Ohio

When making fudge, you can simply butter or grease the pan with…

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Fondue Flop

I recently tried a new fondue recipe that uses shredded Gouda and Edam cheeses. The recipe said to stir the cheese into simmering white wine, but I substituted nonalcoholic wine. I never could get…

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Freezing Garlic

What can I do with fresh garlic cloves that are left over from a recipe? Can I freeze them? —C.C., Spring Lake, North Carolina

You can store whole or partial garlic bulbs in a cool dry…

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Freezing Yeast Dough

I've just begun to try my hand at yeast breads. I'd like to know when is the best time to freeze yeast doughs, before or after the first rise? —S.D., Blanchardville, Wisconsin


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Fresh Cake Yeast

How many packages of dry yeast equal one package of fresh cake yeast? I prefer to use fresh, but it is not always available. —M.W., Naperville, Illinois

Yeast can be purchased in three…

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Fresh Cinnamon Rolls

My family loves fresh-baked yeast cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but they take so long to prepare. Is there a way to prepare the dough the night before and keep it in the refrigerator? —J.H.,…

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Fresh Eggs

Since I live alone, I sometimes have a hard time using up a carton of eggs. Is there a way to tell if the eggs that remain are still fresh? —B.J., Manitowoc, Wisconsin


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