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Crispy Crust

How do you make a crispy pizza crust? I make mine from scratch with yeast, and it bakes completely but is not crispy. Is that what the new mesh pizza pans are for? I do use the bottom oven rack.…

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Crystallized Honey

I buy honey in a 5-pound jar and have found that it crystallizes before I can use it all. It's a nuisance to always have to heat it to dissolve the crystals. What can I do to prevent this from…

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Day-Old Bread Cubes

Some recipes call for day-old bread cubes. I'm not familiar with them. —L.D., Los Lunas, New Mexico

Day-old bread cubes are made from day-old bread that is sliced into cubes. They're…

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Diluting Low-Fat Milk

I buy 2 percent milk and dilute it by half with water to make my own 1 percent milk at half the cost. Is this smart, or am I just fooling myself? —V.M., Glenwood, Iowa

The difference…

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Double-Acting Baking Powder

I bought baking powder at the grocery store, but when I got home, I noticed that the can says it is "double-acting." Does this mean I need to use only half as much as a recipe calls for?…

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Doubled Cake Recipe

I have a cake recipe that calls for an 8-in. square baking pan. I would like to make a larger cake in a 13-in. x 9-in. baking pan. Can I simply double all the ingredients? —A.P.,…

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Dough Cycles

I would like to make the Mini Maple Cinnamon Rolls in the April/May '06 issue of Taste of Home, but I'm unsure of when to…

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Drained Canned Beans

Many recipes call for canned beans that have been rinsed and drained, but also list water as an ingredient. Why can't the liquid in the can be used as part of this water? —D.G., Chula Vista,…

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Dry Cake Solutions

Whenever I bake a cake from scratch it turns out dry and crumbly. What am I doing wrong? —K.M., Reidsville, North Carolina

There could be several reasons that your cakes turn out dry…

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Dry Roast Beef

My daughter prepared a beautiful large cut of beef for a prime rib dinner. She seared it, placed it fat side up in a pan with 1/2 cup water and covered the pan. The roast baked to a nice, pink…

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