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Coffee Bean Storage

Help! I store coffee beans in the freezer and grind them as needed. Recently, I've heard that coffee beans should be stored in the cupboard or pantry. Wouldn't the beans become rancid in a short…

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Convection Ovens

I recently moved into a home with a convection oven and wonder if I should be modifying the cooking time or temperature when baking in convection mode. What do you recommend? —V.H.,…

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Converted White Rice

What is converted white rice? Is it regular long grain rice or instant long grain rice? —A.F. Lecanto, Florida

Converted white rice is neither regular long grain rice nor instant long…

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Cooked Bean Dishes

Is there anything I can add to cooked bean dishes to eliminate or reduce the gas problem they seem to produce? I've tried adding ground mustard, but it doesn't help. —M.S.,Kingston,…

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Cookie Container

I have a hard time keeping my home-baked cookies from getting soft. I stack them in an airtight container, but they tend to stick together. I tried using plastic wrap between the stacks, but that…

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Cooking Utensils

When cooking ground beef or other meats, I use a spoon to turn the meat over and help break it up. Can this same spoon be used to stir in other ingredients after the meat is cooked or to transfer…

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Cracked Cake Roll

My pumpkin cake rolls always crack when I roll them up. How can I keep them from doing this? —B.S. Macon, Mississippi

First, be sure the cake batter is spread evenly in the pan. This…

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Cream of Tartar

I've noticed that every recipe I've seen for lemon meringue pie calls for cream of tartar. Is it really necessary to use that ingredient? —J.D., Downers Grove, Illinois

Cream of tartar…

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Creamed Soup

Help! I have a problem making creamed soups. Most recipes call for melting butter, adding flour and stirring until smooth. My problem is that this mixture becomes a sticky, lumpy mess! What am I…

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Creating Chocolate Curls

My mother and I have been wondering how to make chocolate curls for garnishing dessert tops. We have tried to make them, but they always crumble and break. We'd appreciate your help. —M.M.,…

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