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What's Imitation Crabmeat?

I'd like to try making crab cakes with imitation crabmeat. What exactly is imitation crabmeat? Does it contain ingredients that are not healthy? —S.P., Brooklyn, New York


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Which Foods Stick to the Grill?

Foods most likely to stick include those with a sugary marinade, fish and lean meats such as pork, chicken (especially without the skin), turkey and turkey burgers. To prevent sticking, oil the…

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Whipped Cream on the Go

Is there a way I can make whipped cream that's spread on a pie stiff enough to travel well? —J.K., Sleepy Hollow, Illinois

To stabilize whipped cream, try adding a little gelatin.…

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Whipped Topping Substitute

I am not able to eat commercially prepared whipped topping products but have no problem with whipped cream. Is there an easy way to figure out how much cream to whip to equal the amount of topping…

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White Kidney Beans

Would you please tell me where I can find white kidney beans (cannellini beans)? I have searched all over Georgia and cannot find them. —C.R., Putney, Georgia

Cannellini beans are…

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Whole Wheat Bread

I've noticed that most recipes for whole wheat bread call for water. Would I have trouble with the bread dough if I used milk instead? Also, does it make a difference if the whole wheat flour is…

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Whole Wheat Flour

As my family becomes more health-conscious in our cooking, we've tried incorporating more whole grains into our diet. Can we substitute some whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour in our favorite…

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Why Chop Chocolate?

How important is it to chop chocolate when the recipe directs you to do so? —J.R., Vacaville, California

Chocolate is sometimes chopped before melting. This will ensure more even…

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Why Should You Let Meat Stand?

Letting meat stand for 10 minutes before carving makes it juicier. As meat cooks, juices are concentrated in the center. When large cuts of meat or roasts are pulled from the oven, the internal…

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Yeast Alternatives

When a recipe calls for quick-rise yeast, can active dry yeast be used in its place? —C.D., Shelby, Ohio

For best results, use the type of yeast called for in a recipe. But in a pinch,…

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