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Rice Rescue

I would like to substitute brown rice for white rice in some recipes because I know it is healthier for us, but I have trouble getting it as tender and fluffy as white rice. Do you have any…

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Roasted Meats

When cooking two different meats in the oven that require two different temperatures, how do I adjust the recipes? For instance, if I cook a small turkey breast and a 7-pound ham, at what…

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Roasting Lamb

Could you explain how a leg of lamb is roasted? I've tried three times, and every time it gets worse. It has a strong odor and is tough. Please help! —K.L., Columbus, Ohio

Leg of lamb…

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Seasoned Bread Crumbs

Many recipes call for seasoned bread crumbs. How can I make them? —T.B., Fulton, Illinois

It's a snap to make seasoned bread crumbs. Unless a recipe specifically calls for soft bread…

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Seeded Tomatoes

Can you tell me the correct way to seed a tomato? I've been told to cut the tip off and squeeze the tomato…and all the seeds will come out. I've tried that, and all I was left with was the…

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Self-Rising Flour

Can all-purpose flour be substituted in recipes calling for self-rising flour? —M.H., Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

No, all-purpose flour cannot be substituted for self-rising flour…

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Separating Alfredo

I make a yummy Alfredo sauce with butter, cream, Parmesan cheese and a touch of ground nutmeg. It's great when you first make it, but after putting it in the fridge, the sauce separates and the…

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Serving Cheesecake

I love to make cheesecakes, and they turn out great! I'm just not sure how to serve them. When I remove the sides of the springform pan, do I place the cheesecake with the pan bottom attached on…

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Shelled Chestnuts

Please tell me how to get the membrane off chestnuts after removing the shell. Thanks! —R.S., Allentown, Pennsylvania

Sometimes the thin inner skin (membrane) can be difficult to…

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Shoepeg Corn

I have several recipes that call for shoepeg corn. What type of corn is it? I'm having a hard time finding it in grocery stores. —J.H., Hart, Michigan

The term "shoepeg corn" dates…

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