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Marinade Tips

How much marinade is absorbed by different meats? And which are the best marinades to use? —C.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The amount of marinade absorbed depends on many…

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Microwave Cooking

I have read several articles indicating that cooking food in a microwave depletes its nutritional value. Does that include warming up leftovers? Could you clarify this for me? I use my microwave…

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Microwave Safety

I reheat many foods in the microwave. Is there any harm in eating microwaved foods every day? —E.S., Bayou Cane, Louisiana

Current research suggests that cooking food in the microwave…

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Nutritional Analysis

Please explain the Nutritional Analysis listed at the bottom of each recipe. How much of each item mentioned is on or below the recommended level? —M.H., Phelpston, Ontario


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Nutritional Value of Onions

I cook with a lot of onions. What kind of nutritional value do they have? —M.F., Peterstown, West Virginia

Onions are low in calories but high in taste—they’re an excellent way…

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Nutritional Values

To calculate nutritional values, I'd like to know how much salt is retained in potatoes and pasta after draining the cooking water. —B.R., Simi Valley, California

Although the amount…

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Olive Oil

Many recipes include olive oil. Is extra virgin the kind that should always be used? —L.K., Brentwood, Tennessee

From a cooking standpoint, while any olive oil will do, how the oil is…

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Pondering Protein

Vegetarian friends have mentioned complete and incomplete proteins. What do those terms mean? If I have lentil soup, for instance, do I need bread to go with it to make a complete protein?…

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Preparing Brown Rice

I don’t care for the taste and texture of instant rice (or the price, either!). My family is willing to eat brown rice, but it does take longer to prepare. Is it all right to make a big batch…

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Quick Breads

I need help! I love quick breads, waffles, pancakes, etc. However, after I had a heart attack, my doctor put me on a low-sodium diet. The above foods all include salt, baking powder and/or…

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