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Heavy Cream Substitute

I often try to tweak my old favorite recipes to make them healthier. But I have not been able to find a substitute for heavy cream. Occasionally, I've substituted nondairy whipped topping if the…

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High Blood Pressure Remedy

My blood pressure is sometimes elevated. My family says I put too much salt on my food. Do I really need to cut back? —J.K., Plymouth, Michigan

In the past, there has been debate as to…

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High-Fiber Diet

At a doctor’s recommendation, we are trying to adopt a high-fiber diet in our home these days. But we’re confused. In terms of grams, what is considered to be high fiber? —R.F., Tucker,…

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Homemade Spreadable Butter

We’re trying to decrease our fat intake. I have come up with my own “recipe” for spreadable butter. In a blender, I combine 8 ounces of a good-quality olive oil and 8 ounces of butter. I blend…

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Imitation Crab

I'm wondering what kind of fish is in imitation crab and if it is healthy for you to eat like other seafood. —P.H., Edmonds, Washington

Imitation crab or surimi (its Japanese name)…

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Importance of Iron

Please discuss the need for iron in people's diets as it relates to anemia. I have read that a woman needs 18 milligrams of iron daily and men need 10 milligrams. Is it possible to get enough iron…

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Low-Carb Diabetic Diet

My husband is a diabetic and has more trouble with carbohydrates than with sugars. I've noticed that most of the articles that deal with diabetes stress "low sugar" and not "low carbs". It seems…

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Low-Carb Diet

I read a book recently that focused on a low-carbohydrate diet and the "right" way to eat sugar. Included was a recipe for homemade whole wheat pasta—but not how to cook it! Should fresh…

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Low-Cholesterol Diet

My husband has high cholesterol, and we are trying to cook lighter. We are at a loss as to what should really be included in a low-cholesterol diet. We know we should eat more fruits and…

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Low-Sodium Diet

I am on a very restricted sodium diet—500 milligrams per day. Do you have any suggestions where I can find tasty recipes? Most "low" or "no fat" recipes seem to call for more sodium to…

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