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Dairy Substitute

I have a hard time digesting dairy products. Is there anything I can substitute for milk in recipes without changing the flavor of the dish I'm making? —P.S., Las Vegas,…

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Dairy-Free Diet

I'm lactose-intolerant and can't find many dairy-free recipes. Is non-dairy creamer a good substitute for milk? —E.B., Stillwater, Minnesota

Powdered non-dairy creamer could be used as…

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Diabetic Diet

I have been put on a 1,400-calorie diabetic diet. Most of your recipes call for sugar or brown sugar. I like the recipes, but I'm wondering if there is any way I can use artificial sweetener in…

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Diabetic Exchanges

I am a new diabetic and am not sure I understand Diabetic Exchanges. —P.L., Casselberry, Florida

Reading those numbers can be a bit tricky! Diabetic Exchanges are included to help you…

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Diabetic Free Food

I've noticed that occasionally a "free food" is listed with the Diabetic Exchanges on a recipe. What does that mean? —K.P., Coos Bay, Oregon

A free food for a diabetic is any food or…

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Diabetic Substitutes

I am diabetic and also supposed to be watching my salt intake. In recipes that call for sugar and salt, what can I substitute? I've tried sugar substitutes for cooked pudding but without much…

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Eliminating Salt

I am sodium sensitive, so when I make dishes, I either eliminate all of the salt or cut it way back. Since cakes, muffins and cookies have baking powder or baking soda in them, is it okay to leave…

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Fast Food Alternatives

I've been eating fast food all my life. Now I have high blood pressure and have been told to lay off it. Are there better choices to make when eating take-out or fast foods? —E.L.,…

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Fat-Free Dairy Products

I've heard that adding cornstarch to fat-free dairy products will help stabilize them during cooking. Is that true? And how much should I add? —J.O., Newbury, Vermont

Fat-free dairy…

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Fat-Free Milk

When recipes call for fat-free milk, can I substitute evaporated fat-free milk? If so, how much evaporated milk would equal 1 cup of fat-free milk? —D.M., Flanders, New York

In a…

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