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Alcohol in Extracts

I read somewhere that extracts, such as vanilla extract, can contain alcohol. I am taking medications that should not be taken with alcohol. Can you tell me if it is safe to use extracts?…

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Applesauce to Reduce Fat

I know that replacing vegetable oil with applesauce is one way to reduce the fat in a recipe, but I'm not sure by how much. I'd like to be able to figure how many calories and grams of fat I'd…

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Broth Substitute

My husband is allergic to shellfish, dry beans and chicken, so he has to be very careful about what he eats. Because so many recipes call for chicken broth, I'm wondering if you can suggest a…

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Browning Sauce

What is browning sauce? And where can I find it at the store? —J.K., Selma, North Carolina

Browning sauce is a blend of caramel color, vegetable concentrates and seasonings. Available…

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Canned Fruit

When I eat canned fruits, I always drain the fruit from the syrup. How many calories am I saving? —P.M., Grantsburg, Wisconsin

That's a great question! The answer depends primarily on…

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Chicken Bouillon Substitute

What can I substitute for the chicken bouillon granules called for in many recipes? If there is a salt-free product, I have not found it. —S.D., Houston, Texas

There are a few…

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Cholesterol Question

I am trying to watch my cholesterol and find the whole subject a little confusing. Some seafood recipes are high in cholesterol, for example, but I've heard that kind of cholesterol is okay. Is…

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Cooking Oil

Which cooking oil is best for you? —A.H., Flint, Michigan

We use olive and canola oils. We've found these give the best flavor in testing recipes. Plus, they contain high levels of…

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Daily Calcium

How much calcium does a person need per day? —E.W., Central Falls, Rhode Island

Everyone needs calcium, but just how much depends on your age. Your body stores 99% of its calcium in…

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Daily Water Intake

I’m wondering if I need to adjust the recommendation for daily water intake according to my body size. I am 42 years old, 5-foot-2 and weigh 108 pounds, and I cannot seem to drink all the water…

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