Cooking School FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

About the Taste of Home Online Cooking School

What is the Taste of Home Online Cooking School?
The Taste of Home Cooking School offers instruction to home cooks in the comfort of their own kitchens. Our courses are designed to help cooks of all levels master recipes and techniques that are practical, help solve problems and teach you how to provide delicious and easily prepared home cooked meals for your friends and family; anywhere and at any time, regardless of location or schedule.

Are there prerequisites for the courses or lessons?
No, there are no prerequisites for the courses that we currently offer.

Do I need specialized kitchen equipment to take the courses?
Our courses do not require specialized kitchen equipment. Each course clearly outlines the tools and equipment that you will need.

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About the Taste of Home LIVE Cooking School

What can I expect to see at a LIVE Cooking School event?
The Taste of Home LIVE Cooking School is focused on providing an entertaining and educational event for those interested in food. This stage demonstration of approximately 10 recipes will last around 2 hours and is suitable for a home cook with all levels of food experience. In addition to the show, attendees will also receive a gift bag with their ticket purchase, retail savings and a complimentary Taste of Home recipe collection. The Taste of Home Cooking School executes events in Spring and Fall. Recipes are seasonally focused and you can expect Spring/Summer Recipes from March – June and Fall/Winter recipes from September – December. While some schools have a local booth expo and food concession stands this is not the case for all locations. You will want to check the individual city listings under the Cooking School schedule for details about pre-show activities.

Where do I buy tickets?
Tickets for each event are sold by our local media partners. You can find specific information for an event near you at

I checked the show schedule, but there isn't any information for the show I want to attend. How do I get the information?
You may need to check the web site at a later date. Ticket information and show highlights are regularly updated by our media partner hosting the event. Shows sites are asked to submit information at least 4 weeks prior to their scheduled show.

What is a VIP? What's included?
Many of our Cooking School shows incorporate a VIP experiences. A VIP ticket package may include preferred seating, a Taste of Home cookbook, and a pre-show Meet & Greet session with the Culinary Specialist, among other special activities. You can learn more about the VIP experience at a specific event by looking within the show detail on

I see in your ad materials there is a show in my area but I don't see it on the website
The show in your area may have passed, there's a slight chance it may have been cancelled, or we don't have finalized information from our event partner as of yet. For specific information on a show near you contact us directly at

Why don't you come to my city?
The Cooking School program relies on the participation of local media partners to host the event. Media may decline the opportunity to sponsor a Cooking School if they feel there isn't community interest. If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a Taste of Home Cooking School event, we invite you to learn more by visiting

What is an expo?
Although each show is unique, many of our Cooking School events include a pre-show Vendor Booth Expo with participation by local business sponsors. Representatives from the local businesses are available to answer questions about their products and services and provide samples, coupons, and information. Often times, concessions are available. You can learn more about the Vendor Booth Expo at a specific event by looking within the show detail on

How do I acquire booth space at a Cooking School to promote my product?
Local newspapers or radio stations sponsor the Cooking School and are responsible for organizing and promoting the event. Please check the Cooking School schedule for the locations that are of interest to you. A contact name is included in the show details for each location.

When does the new schedule come out?
Schedules will be available approximately 8 weeks prior to the start of each season. Typically the Spring schedule is posted sometime in January and the Fall schedule is posted in June. Scheduling is completed on an ongoing basis so check back on our website frequently as additional shows may have been added.

Will there be food at the event?
Each of our events is unique; some may have concessions available and some may not. We recommend that you eat a meal prior to attending the show. If you would to know if there will be food at a specific event, please contact the local media partner hosting the show.

Who is facilitating the show?
Scheduling is done on an ongoing basis. Any one of our culinary specialists could be facilitating a show near you; if you want specific information contact us directly at

I'd like to be a presenter. How do I apply for a position?
The Cooking Schools are presented by Taste of Home Productions, Inc. You may apply at our casting call site Qualifications for our Taste of Home Cooking School Culinary Specialist include:

  • Bachelor's degree in Food Science or Home Economics or related culinary field, preferred
  • Willing to travel extensively—will cover at least a 5-7 state territory
  • Possess excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Demonstrate a resourceful, energetic personality
  • Previous experience working with print and broadcast media
  • Good organizational skills