Eggs play a starring role in a variety of dishes—from crepes to quiche. So naturally, they spring to center stage in our "Unbeatable Eggs" recipe contest.

We're looking for dishes that use whole eggs, the yolks or whites alone, or even an egg substitute. Peruse your breakfast and brunch menus for asparagus omelets, bacon and egg burritos, herbed eggs Benedict, or vegetarian bakes and stratas.

Eggs can also come first for lunch or dinner. Share your curried egg salad sandwich, cheese souffle, pasta frittata or scrumptious spinach custard pie. Snacks and sides are eligible, too.

Break out eggs that are deviled, dilled, sweetly pickled or just scrambled with a dash of salsa. And a classic cooked eggnog could warm up the competition.

Or treat us to a dessert that features eggs. How about a heavenly angel food cake, luxurious flan, airy meringue or silky, baked creme brulee?

Shell out your best. Send recipes postmarked by our contest deadline, August 1, 2009. We'll announce the winners in the April/May 2010 issue of Country Woman.

You Could Win Cash!

Each of the 8 winners in the Country Woman "Unbeatable Eggs" contest receives a wonderful prize:

  • GRAND PRIZE: $500
  • 2nd Place: $300
  • 3rd Place: $200
  • 5 Runners-Up: $30 gift certificate from Country Store

Contest Rules

You may enter more than one recipe. If you email or mail your recipe, be sure to print the name of the contest as well as your full name, street address and phone number, including area code, with each entry. Be specific with measurements, directions and the size of cans, packages and pans so others can successfully make your recipe. Include a few words about the origin of your recipe. Share any compliments it's received, plus any variations you recommend. If any duplicates are received, the entries with the earliest postmarks will be considered.

Submit here OR
Email recipe to: and type "Unbeatable Eggs" on the subject line OR
Mail recipe to: "Unbeatable Eggs," Diane Werner, Food Director, 5400 S. 60th St., Greendale WI 53129.