Meet George Schroeder

George Schroeder is one of four finalists in America's Best Loved Recipe Contest. Check out his "Time-Saver" recipe for Penne Gorgonzola with Chicken.

George Schroeder

George Schroeder

"I'd only been reading Taste of Home for about 6 months, when I heard about this contest on 'Good Morning America.'

"Both my wife, Imelda, and I love to cook, and we usually cook together. Even our daughter, Nicole, 9, pitches in. We always have dinner as a family. (We also like to fish.)

"I prepare all types of food, from American comfort food to French bistro and Filipino, but mostly Asian and Italian. While we have a broad range of food we prepare, we still constantly search for new tastes. I'm currently writing a collection of my favorite recipes."

Category: Time-Saver
Recipe: Penne Gorgonzola with Chicken
Finalist: George Schroeder, Port Murray, NJ

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