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LindaMaria User ID: 8100205 263967
Reviewed Mar. 27, 2017

"Excellent cake! I made it for my grandson's birthday and everyone Loved it! It must be the buttermilk that makes it so moist!"

Stella37073 User ID: 7967817 263265
Reviewed Mar. 9, 2017

"Fantastic cake! I've made it now for a few years and it's my favorite. It's so easy to make and absolutely delicious. I make my own frosting for it but it's delicious all by itself also. Try it, you'll like it!"

bronwynmacisaac User ID: 2666617 261466
Reviewed Feb. 17, 2017

"This is a great cake....easy brainer!! I once again, however, have to ask....WHY do people rate a recipe they have yet to bake?? Please.....stop!!"

sstetzel User ID: 158954 260529
Reviewed Jan. 30, 2017

"Ana you're better off making the buttermilk substitute by putting a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar into a one cup measure and filling the rest of the way with milk.

The acid will curdle the milk, mimicking buttermilk."

Ana User ID: 7769648 260510
Reviewed Jan. 30, 2017

"I haven't made this yet, that's why I just gave it 3 stars. Will probably give it more after I've tried it. But I wanted to know if I can substitute sour cream for the buttermilk?"

gramcayo User ID: 5095727 260325
Reviewed Jan. 26, 2017

"tdhtran, you should fill cup with milk after putting in 1 TBS. of white vinegar OR 1 TBS of lemon juice stir and let sit a few minutes. I never have buttermilk so this is my "go to""

scotland1 User ID: 1426757 259700
Reviewed Jan. 15, 2017

"OMG! Best tasting cake. This is my go to . It made a hit with my older nephew and his family.

I have been told from now on when our families get together, I'm to make the cake."

tdhtran User ID: 5579957 259251
Reviewed Jan. 5, 2017

"teryn69, your direction of making buttermilk is not complete. Putting a TBSP of white vinegar in a cup and fill what to the 1 cup mark ???"

teryn69 User ID: 6818421 256671
Reviewed Nov. 11, 2016 Edited Nov. 12, 2016

"Such an easy cake to make, and the taste is wonderful! The only ingredient I never have on hand is buttermilk, however that's so easy to make yourself! Put a TBSP of white vinegar, I prefer white wine vinegar, in a cup, and fill to the 1 cup mark, stir and let sit, instant buttermilk! I think the real trick to this cake baking up right, as in not dense, no falling, is your method. The recipe is easy. Simple whisking and stirring, no mixer involved. Also remember in baking to always use room temperature ingredients unless otherwise stated. Oven temps vary, mine usually takes the longest time. This cake only took 35 minutes and it was done, no falling in the center, light and airy, deliciously moist, chocolately cake. No need for frosting. Yum. Thanks Coleen for an excellent recipe! Edited to add I didn't use canola oil. I melted down organic coconut oil...I use coconut oil in most recipes where I can...delicious!"

DragonSlayersRosebud User ID: 198468 253506
Reviewed Sep. 1, 2016

"Very good and easy, very moist!"

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