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Sunshinebakerpa User ID: 7360500 265677
Reviewed May. 7, 2017

"It was good. It's similar to my grandmother's recipe, but we prefer hers."

Linda User ID: 9162551 265607
Reviewed May. 6, 2017


lvarner User ID: 35803 265415
Reviewed May. 1, 2017

"I love this recipe! It is easy to mix together, and the end result tastes great. I like to wrap the cooled loaf in foil and let it sit overnight prior to serving/eating, as this makes it much more most. This banana bread is so good!"

apsimon23 User ID: 8242616 265383
Reviewed May. 1, 2017

"My family loves this bread. Sometimes I replace the walnuts with pecans or mini chocolate chips but otherwise, make it according to the recipe."

destine User ID: 2519270 265364
Reviewed Apr. 30, 2017

"This is my favorite banana bread recipe. It always comes out perfect."

Coccinelle65 User ID: 7187686 264536
Reviewed Apr. 10, 2017

"The taste and texture of this banana bread is perfect and my family loved it. My personal preference is for the top crust to not be as dark. I couldn't get the bread to cook all the way through without the top getting a dark brown. (I made 2 loaves and put a piece of foil over one of them and it still turned out a dark brown.) As I said, that is my personal preference."

angela32 User ID: 3084463 263735
Reviewed Mar. 21, 2017


Clduff User ID: 8421897 263328
Reviewed Mar. 11, 2017

"This is my go to banana bread. Never lasts long around here!"

AMANDALEEANN User ID: 6377446 261587
Reviewed Feb. 20, 2017

"This was very good. I omit the nuts, but it really had nice flavor. I reduced the cook time by about 10 minutes, I did the toothpick test on my smaller loaf pan just in case, then decided to check the larger as well, they were both done."

Justin User ID: 9058596 260513
Reviewed Jan. 30, 2017

"BEST. BANANA. bread. *EVER*!!!

I've been using this recipe for five years now (or more!)… But never actually submitted a review! And the very first time I made it I fell in love! I'm very picky with my banana breads (True story!). This is ALWAYS my GO-TO recipe to give away as treats to family/friends or to make and keep at home (but it doesn't last very long!). I've made it exactly the way it shows in the recipe. And it's AMAZING!! However… Being the curious and advanced chef/baker that I am, I changed a few ingredients to "health" it up a bit. You're welcome to adopt my style! Here's what I did:
Used 1 cup unbleached flour and 3/4 cup whole wheat
( i've also used gluten free flour blend and it works just as well )
Used 1/2 cup white or raw organic sugar, 1/2 cup brown
Used 1/2 cup avocado oil instead of veg or canola (no taste diff and SO MUCH healthier!)
Made my own buttermilk (1/2 cup milk with 1/2 tablespoon vinegar. Stir and Let sit 5 mins. Discard a bit to give just over 1/4 cup.
Mix well. Stir in mini chocolate chips (or 60% dark chunks) and poof!! Magic! An unbelievable, healthy and DELICIOUS banana bread!!! I bake at 325F for 65 mins everytime
Bon Appetite!!"

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