Very Special Delivery

Group brings cookies & Christmas spirit to holiday workers

Very Special Delivery

Very Special Delivery

Today's world is open for business 24/7, so there are always those who have to work on holidays.

Christmas is no exception. From firehouses to gas stations, many people sacrifice time with family and friends to fill the posts on Christmas Eve.

The fact hasn't gone unnoticed by the men's and women's groups at Pittsboro Christian Church in Pittsboro, Indiana. For the past 4 years, dozens of cookies have been delivered to those hard-working men and women who keep things running smoothly the night before Christmas.

The women bake at least six dozen cookies each and bring them to church on Christmas Eve day.

After services, the men's group distributes the cookies to firehouses, police stations, gas stations, convenience stores and an urgent care medical clinic.

They don't have to wait long for the response: lots of appreciation for the treats.

"The workers are so grateful for the homemade cookies," says Joan Truax, one of the bakers. She makes at least 10 dozen cookies to give away every year.

Joan likes to bake up batches of Gingerbread People cookies. They're tasty and cute; their smiles even get those who work on the holiday to smile back.

Her reward?

That in itself is a priceless Christmas present.

"I just enjoy sharing and giving people something they may not get very often," she says.

Joan's Gingerbread People bring the Christmas spirit with them, no matter where she takes them.