High-Tech Bake Sale

Her "Pie-O-U" campaign means treats for donors, homes for soldiers

High-Tech Bake Sale

High-Tech Bake Sale

Not all bake sales are held in a school gym or church basement. Kelly Heft of Somersville, MA, hosts her bake sale over the Internet. She provides a "Pie-O-U" to those who donate money to Homes for Our Troops.

Then, Kelly makes pies, cakes, cookies or her Cranberry-Port Fudge Brownies, and ships them to the donors or delivers them in person. She typically asks for donations of $10 for a dozen cupcakes.

Homes for Our Troops is a nonprofit organization that accepts donations of time and money to build handicap-accessible homes for soldiers returning from war with injuries that limit their mobility.

"My mother developed multiple sclerosis when my sister and I were kids, and I remember how challenging it was for our family to modify our home to meet her needs," says Kelly. "Our servicemen and women and their families have given so much to our country. They deserve to live in an attractive, well-made home that meets their needs."

Known as the baker in her circle of friends, Kelly learned to bake from her mom.

"Now that my mother has passed away, baking makes me feel connected to her," she says. "Using these skills to raise money for a worthy cause is something she used to do, especially for the PTA at our school. I think she would be happy and proud that I am carrying on this tradition."

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