Cupcakes Bring Sweet Joy

This baker delivers smiles around town with her yummy decorated cupcakes

Cupcakes Bring Sweet Joy

Cupcakes Bring Sweet Joy

Sometimes all we need to make the day a little better is a sweet treat to eat. That's an idea that Judy Strickland of Knightdale, North Carolina has embraced.

Each month, Judy bakes boxes of pretty, delicious cupcakes and delivers them to seniors in nursing homes. She includes a Bible verse with each cupcake.

"It's a fun way to share my faith through something good to eat and pretty to see," Judy says.

She and her husband, Joe, have been volunteering in senior communities for 18 years. Joe performs as "The Lamplighter," singing popular songs from decades past. Judy helps with decorations, raffles and getting the residents up and dancing. About 6 years ago, she started her "cupcake ministry."

"My husband sent me to a cupcake shop one day, and it was the best experience," Judy recalls. "That little cupcake just brightened my day, and I thought I could do that for others."

After getting a positive reception from the seniors, she decided to deliver cupcakes to a different location each month. Now she takes them to the bank, post office and local schools.

Judy really gets into decorating the mini cakes. She comes up with a theme and also decorates the box she uses to deliver them.

"It's like I'm giving them a really expensive gift or something," she says with a laugh. "It costs almost nothing to do, and the response is so great. At senior communities, the residents don't get much fun food. They see the little cupcakes, and they're so excited."

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